Interesting conversation in the pub last night

I spent a very pleasant evening drinking excellent beer  with an old school friend, and we were bemoaning the state of technical talent in our respective fields.

Eventually conversation came round to one of his colleagues who occupies a lower level clerical/admin/minor mechanical maintenance role in his department. This individual left school at 16 with poor qualifications, partly it would seem due to a combination of  hating school and not being overly bright. Now, neither of those facts is a crime because, as we all know, 50% of people will be of  average or worse ability in every field.

The problem with this character. however, is that he keeps being passed over for technical training and more technical responsibility and gets angry because of it. Our conversation came round to something that one of my sons had mentioned to me last week about The Dunning-Kruger effect, we had a good old laugh about it, but it soon became serious, in that, it seems that this is becoming a more common problem (and certainly one which I have also encountered) ,  we decided (after a few beers, I might add) that it it may well be to do with the modern educational ethos that “nobody should be a loser”, after all losing out is something that we all need to learn to deal with in life, and perhaps the earlier in life that an individual has to learn to deal with it, the better the outcome for them and everybody else.



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