An example of a really stupid person..

Stolen from a Facebook status of a FOAF, but it sums up what I’m beginning to hate about the human race.

Conversation as follows…

Tech Support  – Whats’ wrong?
User – Device X isn’t working.
Tech Support  (after inspecting item)  – Looks like the battery’s on its way out
User – Funny that, it was OK yesterday
Tech Support – Speechless



Why, as I get older, do I feel the need to moan more and more??

There’s a question to get everybody started!

I’m not actually sure that I even know where to start looking for the answer. Do we get less tolerant as we get older, or is it, perhaps, that, as we age, we learn more and expect everybody younger to know as much as we do (despite us not knowing whet we know now, when we were younger).

This should tell you, if you haven’t already worked it out, that I’m going to moan a lot. I’m going to moan about the weather, about how things were better in black and white, about foolish people, about stupid people, about just about anything that makes me feel like moaning.